Wiring the Pond Boat

The new pond boat project is coming along nicely despite the rain that we got last weekend. The great thing about the rain, in addition to the fact all of our lakes really needed it, was that it kept me from spending a day out in the Phoenix fishing, so I was able to use that time to get several of the installations done on the pond boat.

After getting the trolling motor mounted last week, I needed to install the batteries, run the wiring and hook it all up.   This should have been pretty easy but thanks to an abundance of foam floatation, running the wires turned out to be a challenge. With persistence, several trips to the hardware store and a fair amount of colorful language, I was able to get the wiring run and everything hooked up. Here’s some video of the process, minus the colorful language, that shows what went into the process. Hopefully, it’ll save you some time if you ever have to do anything like this to your boat.

Next week, I’ll be installing the Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp on this boat, so be sure to follow along.

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