Current Breaks for River Fishing

There’s something special about fishing rivers. They generally have an abundant population of bass and if you have current, those bass are pretty easy to catch. Almost anything in the water will provide the bass with a break from the current and an ideal ambush point for them to catch any bait that happens to swim by.

Last weekend, I got a chance to do a little fishing on the Cumberland River at Clarksville, TN. I’ve fished here before and had some limited success, but this trip was different. The current was faster than I’d seen it on previous trips and it had the bass positioned on what few current breaks were still in the low water.

Check out this video and I’ll show you one of my favorite types of current breaks and why they can be a very productive pattern on any river.

And for some bonus footage, check out this video of a run up the Cumberland River in my Phoenix 721.

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