Spring Water Temps

Spring is right around the corner and warming water temps mean more active fish and that the spawn coming up.  Water temperature is always important but it’s doubly important during the spring.  Watching your water temp gauge can tell you which areas of the lake have the warmest water and where the best fishing will be.  If you fish from shore or don’t have a water temp gauge, you can still find these areas by how green the vegetation is.  Grasses in the warmer areas will green up first, so that’s where you should concentrate your efforts.

Here are a few key temperatures that I look for in the spring.  First, I’m looking for water over 50 degrees.  This will vary based on the species of bass but for largemouth that’s a key temperature.   The bass will get more active and be a lot easier to catch.  You can also start to fish faster moving baits since the bass are more active.  The bass are also going to start getting shallower when the water reaches 50.

The next key temp for me is 60 degrees.  At 60 degrees, bass get really active.  You can start fishing topwater and they will be getting ready to spawn.  Look around spawning areas and the point outside of these areas.

When the water hits 65; the fishing is going to start getting really good.  The bass will be starting beds and you can count on them being shallow.  I’m going to start targeting visible and more aggressive bass.  It’s a great time to pick up a buzzbait, fluke or swimbait.

These are just some guidelines, but they’ll give you an idea of what to look for this time of year.  Spring is an exciting time for fishermen and one of my favorite time to be on the water.  After our long, cold winter, I know all of you are looking forward to it as well.

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