Cold But Still Biting

Well, it’s certainly not a day I would have chosen to go fishing, but there I was pulling out the rain suit and other cold weather gear.  After 2 days of rain and a 40 degree drop in temperature, my expectations were really low, but I only had one day during my son’s visit that we could fish and this was what Mother Nature had thrown our way.

We’d had high hopes for this trip to a small, private lake in Madison, MS.  We’d made the same trip last Thanksgiving week and got the perfect fall day.  The bass had been on one of the best topwater bites I’ve ever seen (here’s the story of that trip, and we both had 22 pound plus strings that day.

Once William got going, it was all I could do to keep up.

We were hoping for a repeat, but after about 15 minutes of throwing topwater, it was obvious that that wasn’t going to be the case.  But bass fishing is all about adjustments, so I picked up a Baby Brush Hog to see if we could get something going.   As it turned out, that was the best thing I could have done.  It only took a few minutes to catch a 15 inch bass that took a swipe at William’s Splash It and that wouldn’t be the last of the day.

While William continued to fish his topwater bait, I managed to catch 3 other bass on the brush hog.  After I got 4 fish up on him, he decided that enough was enough and picked up another one of my Denali rods and tied on a Baby Brush Hog himself.  Things quickly heated up from there.

I may have struggled to keep up, but I did manage to catch the biggest one!

He proceeded to put 5 fish in the boat in the next 20 minutes, while I only added 1 more to my catch.  I knew something was up, so I took a minute to see what he was doing differently.  It turned out that he’d used a 1/8 oz weight and I was throwing a 3/16.   That subtle difference was the final adjustment we needed to turn a slow day into the trip we’d been wanting all along.   That slightly slower fall rate made all the difference in the world.

It ended up being a great day for fishing.   I hardly even noticed that I couldn’t feel my fingers by the time we had to leave.  We’d ended up catching 18 bass and although the biggest was only about 5.5 pounds, we’d had a blast.  We got to spend time together, catch up on what each of us had been up to and spend some time outdoors.  Catching fish was just a bonus.

Thanks to the sponsors who make this all possible:  Lowrance Electronics, Phoenix Bass Boats, Denali Rods, Bryan’s Marine, BoatUS Angler, Power Pole, Costa del Mar Sunglasses and Mississippi Van Lines.  Without all of you, none of this would be possible.

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