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It’s been a long off-season but it’s time to get back to the fishing.  This year should prove to be pretty interesting.  The schedule looks pretty good and the lakes that I’m headed to should be fun to fish.  But before the fishing gets started, I’m going to be participating in Got Fish! at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, this Saturday (Jan 26).

Over the years I’ve been involved, Got Fish! has become one of my favorite events of the year.  Unlike most of the other appearances that I make, where all that’s involved is giving a talk about fishing and maybe answering some questions afterwards, Got Fish! is a panel discussion where the audience gets to ask the panel questions.

This panel discussion gives the audience a unique opportunity to get information on the specific areas of fishing in which they are interested.  Past discussions have ranged from favorite baits, knots, specific applications and techniques, Mississippi lake information, equipment questions, seasonal patterns and even how each of the panelists would fish a specific lake if they were fishing on the day of the event.

With the panel discussion format, you get to hear firsthand how each of the panelists goes about approaching a lake, rigging a bait or even how he sets up his boat and electronics.  Every year, there has been information that can help both the novice angler and the experienced bass fisherman or woman.  The only limits are time and your questions.

This year’s version of Got Fish! has two panels, bass at 9:00am and crappie at 10:45am.  I’ll be on the bass panel along with Teb Jones, Austin Banks and Pete Ponds.  And there’s plenty to do besides listen to us talk.  There will be scuba divers feeding the fish in the Museum’s tanks, knot tying demonstrations and all of the exhibits that make the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science special.  So bring the whole family and see what the Museum has to offer.  I’ll see you there!

Thanks to the sponsors who make this all possible:  Lowrance Electronics, Phoenix Bass Boats, Denali Rods, BoatUS Angler, Power Pole, Costa del Mar Sunglasses and Mississippi Van Lines.  Without all of you, none of this would be possible.

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3 Responses to Got Fish!

  1. Robert L. Sturgeon says:

    I am a local team tournament fisherman with my son. We fish the real monster called Mark Twain lake in upper Missouri. Question how long did you fish tournaments before getting sponsers and, how would you get them to pay you a salary to live on..

  2. Scott McGehee says:

    There’s a fair amount of product sponsorship (or discount product) available at almost every level of tournament fishing. What you have to remember is that you’ll have to earn every dollar of discount or free product by selling enough of the product to justify the expense to the company offering it.

    Very few anglers earn enough to make a living at fishing. They earn their money by working for the companies that sponsor them as reps or by promoting products by media coverage.

  3. Robert L. Sturgeon says:

    I want to thank you for the input on sponsors.. I hope that the back room bait compamy that I have started we help support the entry and fuel cost of fishing tournaments for my son and I. When I get a few plastic baits going maybe you may interseted in given me some inside on how they preform on the bigger tournament levels you fish… Thanks Fish

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