Early Morning Boat Ride

I’ve never been one of those people who loves to go boat riding, probably because I’ve done so much of it over the years.  So generally when I go out in the Phoenix, I’m going strictly to fish.  This past Sunday was a little different though.  I had bought a new GoPro video camera and wanted to try out the mounts on the boat to see how they worked.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the speed and the scenery of a good boat ride.  It’s just that I get a lot of that throughout the year and it’s not something I normally do for fun.  This morning’s ride was somehow different.   First of all, it was a beautiful morning.  About 50 degrees and a little fog on the water made for one of those rides that remind me of the thrill of running one of these boats hard on a challenging section of river.  It’s a little like a roller coaster ride that you control.

I’ve been shooting most of the video for the web site using my Kodak PlaySport and I’ve been very happy with it other than the fact that it’s hard to get mounts that will work in the boat.  The GoPro has mounts that are very adaptable and it can basically be mounted anywhere.

There are also some times where having a second camera in the boat to give two angles would be useful, so I went ahead and got the GoPro.  Today was one of those times.  I mounted the PlaySport to the rear seat pedestal using an adapted version of the GoPro roll bar mount and mounted the GoPro itself on the console where it would be filming the GPS screen on my Lowrance HDS 8.

I’ve said before that the Phoenix 721 is one of the best handling boats I’ve ever been in and Sunday’s ride not only confirmed that opinion, but it also shows up pretty good in the video.   Take a look and let me know what you think.

Thanks to the sponsors who make this all possible:  Scoutlookweather.com, Lowrance Electronics, Phoenix Bass Boats, Costa del Mar Sunglasses, Bass Angler Magazine and Mississippi Van Lines.  Without all of you, none of this would be possible.

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