Boredom Can Get Expensive

Cold weather really cuts into our fishing time, but it’s a great time to do a little research and find out about what’s new in the fishing tackle market.   As I found out on this particular snowy Saturday, a little time on the internet can also get very expensive.   Everywhere I looked, I found something else I “needed” and could spend a little of my bait budget on.  Here’s a few of the places I found interesting.

Soft Plastics

You can’t beat the large manufactures for your basic worm, grubs and lizards but if you looking for something that your fish don’t see every day, there are a lot of small manufacturers working out of their garages who are producing some really unusual products.  One of the best looking that I’ve run across this winter is the Dinero by Get Five Lures (  Take the time to look at the video and you’ll see some great action from this finesse style worm and it should give the fish a different profile and trigger some bites that the factory produced worm won’t.


For the most part, a worm weight is a worm weight.  Most of the innovations are in materials and with the environmentalists fighting to get lead banned every year; it’s probably only a matter of time before all of us are using something else.  It’s no surprise to anyone that tungsten is the leading contender to replace lead, but some might not be aware that there are several discount providers out there who can help save you some money during the conversion to tungsten.  Dominator Tungsten Weights ( seems to have the best selection and lowest prices that I’ve run across.  They also offer painted versions in black or pumpkin seed, which are harder to find than non-painted versions.


You can buy great spinnerbaits and buzzbaits at reasonable prices from any of the major manufacturers.  But if you one of those fishermen who love to tinker with your baits or want something really custom designed to your specs, just like the big time pros get, you’ll have to find someone like Flatlands Custom Tackle (  You can tell them exactly what you want and they’ll build it to you specifications.   Changing the skirt color or putting the exact blade combination that you want on your bait can give you a bait that no fish has seen.


When it comes to crankbaits; unless you want to hand carve something to your exact specifications, you really can’t beat factory produced baits.  Most are well produced and have good components on them.  But if you can’t find your favorite crankbait in the color you want or if you want something special, there are a bunch of guys who do custom painting on your lure.  Most of the well-know custom painters charge an arm and a leg to do this, but with a little searching around you can find a hobbyist who is a master with a spray gun.  I even found one who doesn’t live that far away.  Patrick Payne of Bait Bling (, does some great work at reasonable price.

So if you’re snowed in and bored, spend a little time looking around the internet.  You’re sure to find some tackle you can’t live without.  Just remember to keep your credit card handy.

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  1. Thanks Scott for the great compliment !! If you ever need anything my friend, just give me a shout . I have been wanting to order some of the getfive lures myself, they look great in the water.

    Good Luck !! I hope you have a Great year !

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