Household Items for Fishing Accessories

Bass fishermen are an inventive breed. From jury rigging boats to finish a day on the water to modifying baits, they always seem to be working on a new idea to give them that extra competitive edge. To hear some of these innovative ideas, all you have to do is get a group of them talking at the weigh-in. Here’s a few of the most unusual items discussed at last week’s Bassmaster Open at the Red River.

Fish Care

Bassmaster Open Pro and owner of Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits, Brian Kanke wins the prize for most inventive use of an everyday product. According to Kanke, if you have a fish bleeding from being hooked in the tongue, simply pour some 7-Up or Sprite over the bleeding spot. “I believe the combination of the carbonation and sugar causes the blood to clot” he states. “I hold the fish by the lip and slowly pour the 7-Up into the mouth over the bleeding area and let it sit for about 20 seconds. Call it a coincidence, but I’ve never lost a fish doing this”.

Boat Care

Bassmaster Co-Angler, Chris Dombkowski had a great tip for making the boat carpet stand back up and look new after it’s gotten matted down. He uses a wooden handle slicker brush that’s made for grooming your dog. The brush makes the carpet stand back up and look like new. Best of all, according to Dombkowski is that it won’t snag the carpet.

Bassmaster Open Pro, Austin Banks added a great tip for getting road grime off of the boat seats and keeping them looking like new. He uses Dow Scrubbing Bubbles to clean them. He just sprays it on and lets it sit for a minute or so and wipes it down. The cleaner eliminates a lot of the elbow grease normally required to scrub them clean and it won’t break down the vinyl like a lot of the citrus based cleaners and protectants.

Tackle Prep

Former WBT and current Bassmaster Open pro, Debra Hengst had a great tip for attaching trailer hooks on your spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. When Hengst finishes with a tub of Country Crock Butter, she takes the lid and cuts the rim off of it. She then takes a hole punch and punches out a group of pieces from the lid. The small circles of plastic are perfect for keeping the trailer hooks on her baits.

Helpful Reminders

Elite Series pro, Clark Reehm stated Sharpies are one of his essential accessories in the boat. In addition to the normal uses; such as coloring braided line, marking line sizes or actions on rods and signing autographs, Reehm uses his Sharpie to note his boat number and check-in time. Unlike most anglers who use paper, Reehm writes this information on his hand between the thumb and index finger. With it written on his hand in that particular position, the information is readily visible while he is either driving the boat, casting or retrieving. On lakes like the Red River, he also will note the lock schedules.

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  1. Tomg273 says:

    Once again need to buy another boat cover as the current one has perished and split….

    UV seems to be doing the damage be it poly or cloth made……..

    Anyone recommend a good brand that will last a few years hopefully……..5m trailer boat. I found good deals on few of them, these guys have 20% off

    Also any ideas on how to keep the cats from climbing inside, tried netting etc Cat vs RIB…cat wins.

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