Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Bass fishing is a game of decisions and small changes can turn a good day on the water into an exceptional day on the water. The problem is that there are so many options that making the correct decision can be a daunting challenge.   Continue reading

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Installing a Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp

A boat has been described as a hole in the water into which you throw money and the word itself has been said to stand for Break Out Another Thousand. Although said tongue in cheek; a lot of the time, these sayings are far truer than most of us want to admit. Add-ons like built-in chargers, LED lighting and electronics certainly add up over time, but they are also part of the fun of owning a boat. There always seems to be something that you can add or improve on. Continue reading

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Wiring the Pond Boat

The new pond boat project is coming along nicely despite the rain that we got last weekend. The great thing about the rain, in addition to the fact all of our lakes really needed it, was that it kept me from spending a day out in the Phoenix fishing, so I was able to use that time to get several of the installations done on the pond boat. Continue reading

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My New Pond Boat

Big boats are great. There’s nothing like the feeling of running across the water at 70+mph on a crisp, clear morning headed out to your favorite fishing spot. But let’s face it, speed doesn’t catch fish, it just lets you get to them sooner. And outboard motors aren’t necessary or even allowed on a lot of great fisheries. Continue reading

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Current Breaks for River Fishing

There’s something special about fishing rivers. They generally have an abundant population of bass and if you have current, those bass are pretty easy to catch. Almost anything in the water will provide the bass with a break from the current and an ideal ambush point for them to catch any bait that happens to swim by. Continue reading

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