Boat Wrap

Boat wraps are an excellent means of reaching a large audience at a low cost.  During 2013, my boat and wrap will travel over 15,000 miles and be seen by between 12 and  15 million people.  Combined with any exposure from print or television media, the number of impressions these adds make each year can go much higher.

If you are interested in advertising on my 2013 wrap, please email me at for more information and pricing.

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  1. Rich Chriscinske says:

    I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott this last week at the B.A.S.S. Southern Open at Lake Norman. Not only was he a class act he was eager to answer any questions that I had about bass fishing and the whole tournament scene. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and was really impressed with his professionalism. I just sold my Skeeter boat and purchased a new Ranger, and I wished I would of fished with Scott before I made my new purchase because that Pheonix boat was awesome!!!!

  2. ray blakeney says:

    Scott I need a little help > My son has cystic fibrosis and we are in the process of having a house built > I have a 2004 trition 176 mag alu bass boat with a 90 yamaha
    fully loaded . I want to sell this boat my wife and I have a policy of only one major bill
    at a time due to the medical cost of my sons illness . I have followed your blog at the clarion ledger for quite some time and I was thinking that you might have a better insite on selling a boat since you are in the fishing line of work . If you could help me with this venture it would be great help .

    thanks for reading my comment Ray

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