A True Fishing Innovation

Innovation is nothing new in the fishing world.  Every year, a ton of new products come out on the market.  Some of these are winners and some make you wonder what the designers were using when this idea came to mind.  Regardless of your opinion of any of these new products, a very small percentage of them really have much effect on how we spend out time on the water. In the time I’ve been fishing competitively, only a couple of products come to mind as having really changed the way I go about catching bass, but the one that really stands out is the Power Pole Shallow Water Anchor System.

I use my Power Pole Blades almost every time I’m on the water in my Phoenix 721.  Originally, I bought them for bed fishing and for holding the boat stationary while fishing shallow cover or docks, but they have so many more uses.  They have made launching by myself easier, allowed me to stay put in high winds and current without having to use the trolling motor and helped secure the boat when beaching it that much easier.  I find myself using them more and more as time goes on because they help me slow down and cover water more thoroughly.  I wouldn’t ever consider ordering a new boat without a set.

So you can image that I’ve really been missing them when I’m home and fishing out of my little boat.  So I ordered a Power Pole Micro Anchor for that boat.  Power Pole has done a great job of designing a system for smaller boats and kayaks with the Micro Anchor.  Designed for boats less than 1500 pounds, the Micro is perfect for my small aluminum boat and the lower cost of the Micro makes it a worthwhile addition.

I was also happy to see how easy it was to install.  As you can see from the video, you can have it out of the box and installed in around 30 minutes.  So is you spend time in a smaller boat or kayak, check out the Power Pole Micro Anchor and see how it can help you put more fish in the boat.

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