A Little Added Bling

For me, the great thing about bass fishing is that there’s always something new to try.   This week, I’m trying out the Keith Poche Power Spinner by Humdinger Baits.  I first saw this technique when Poche used it to finish 3rd in the 2012 Bassmaster Classic and I’d wanted to try it ever since.  So when I noticed a posting on Facebook about them being in stock at Tackle warehouse, I fed the tackle monkey and got some on the way.

The Power Spinner is a spinnerbait blade that you can add onto a plastic worm to give it some extra flash and action.  It’s designed to be used with a soft stick bait such as a Strike King Shim-e-stick and it takes a bait with little to no action and changes the look entirely.  It’s an interesting way to change up an already effective bait and it’s certainly something that the bass don’t see every day.

Check out this video of my time on the water with the Power Spinner and see for yourself.

Today’s Tackle (affiliate link)
Keith Poche Power Spinner
Strike King Shim-e-stick
Denali Rods
Lowrance Electronics
Costa del Mar 
GoPro Camera

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