5 Go To Baits for Fishing Ponds

I’m somewhat of a tackle junkie.  At any given moment, there’s probably 500+ pounds of tackle in my Phoenix.  The selection can be overwhelming at times, especially when I head to a farm pond or smaller lake where I can’t use the big boat.  For those occasions, I’ve got 5 types of baits that I’ll always pack for the trip.  Check out this video to see what those baits are and why I choose these 5.

Today’s Tackle (affiliate link)
Zoom Baby Brush Hog
Zoom Finesse Worm
Strike King Ocho
Zoom Trick Worm
Zara Spook
Don Iovino Splash It
Booyah Pad Crasher
Bandit Crank Bait
Reaction Innovation Skinny Dipper
Zoom Swim Fluke
Rapala Scales
Creme Reel Screamer
Denali Rods
Lowrance Electronics
Costa del Mar 
GoPro Camera

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