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“Wow, that’s kind of amazing” was the thought that went through my mind as I sat here getting a jump on some year-end sponsor reports.  What had caught my attention was the statistics on the visitors to this blog.  When I started this site, I’d really not set any goals or even had in mind what I would consider to be a good result.

Mainly, I was setting it up to share some of what went on during my travels with anyone who might be interested.  What I hadn’t counted on was how well people would respond.  To be completely honest, I really wasn’t sure anyone would ever see it or read anything I ever wrote.  After all, I’m pretty new to this writing gig and it really came about as more of an accident than a deliberate plan on my part.

Thanks for taking this ride with me!

I’m always surprised (and truly flattered) when a complete stranger approaches me at a tournament or event that I’m working or attending and mentions that they enjoyed one of my posts.  For me, there’s no greater compliment than those readers taking the time to let me know they’re reading my stuff and sharing some of their own fishing stories with me.

But even having had that happen a number of times, it really hadn’t sunk in how many people were visiting until I took a close look at those numbers today.  In the 33 months that the site’s been active, I’ve had a little over 800,000 hits.  That may not be a lot for some of the bigger sites, but for a guy who just likes to talk about fishing, it’s a pretty amazing number.  Even more important to me, is that the numbers continue to grow from month to month.  By the time the bass start to spawn next spring, that number should be well over 1 million.

To those of you who take time to visit here, on the Clarion Ledger’s Outdoors Page ( and on my YouTube Channel (, I wanted to let you know how much your interest is appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to visit and also for letting me know what you thought.  For those of you who haven’t subscribed, please do so using the link on the right hand sidebar.  I’ve got some neat thing planned for next year, so stick around.

Thanks to the sponsors who make this all possible:  Lowrance Electronics, Phoenix Bass Boats, Denali Rods, Bryan’s Marine, BoatUS Angler, Power Pole, Costa del Mar Sunglasses and Mississippi Van Lines.  Without all of you, none of this would be possible.

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