2/1000ths of an Inch!

They say football is a game of inches.  Bass fishing is often determined by much less.  In fact, over the weekend my success was measured in thousandths of inches, just 2/1000’s to be exact.  That’s the difference in diameter between 15# Big Game and 15# Seaguar fluorocarbon.

We all know that line selection is important and make a difference in the number of bites that you get.  As an example of how critical it can be, I’ll tell you how my fishing over this past weekend went.  I was fishing a private pond that’s about 14 acres and takes about an hour to fish around.  It’s always good for some bass action, so you can imagine how surprised I was to make a complete circuit without a single bite.

Every lake has its ups and downs, and I decided that this was just one of those down times.   But I couldn’t get it out of my mind and after thinking about it a while; I thought I might know the problem.

You see, I had done what a lot of anglers tend to do when they are in a hurry.  I’d picked up the rod that was most convenient and tied on a worm.  What I didn’t take into account was what line was on the rod.  In this case, the rod I’d been using had 15# Big Game monofilament on it.  Normally, I’ll use fluorocarbon for almost all of my worm fishing, but I’d been in a hurry to get out and didn’t dig out my worm rod from the rod box.

To confirm that this was the problem, I went out again and fished ½ of the way around the lake using the same setup on the monofilament.   During this time, I failed to get a single bite, so I swapped to a rod spooled with 15# fluorocarbon.  The results were not only immediate, but also amazing.  I immediately started getting bit and caught 12 keepers in the second half of the circuit.

There are other differences in these two lines besides the diameter and I’m sure that contributed to the fact that I caught fish on one and not on the other.  But the true lesson of the afternoon was that if you aren’t having any luck, sometimes a small change can make all of the difference.   Always pay attention to the details, however small they may be and don’t be afraid to try something different.  Keep going until you find the right combination!  Every trip to the lake should be a learning experience.

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  1. Nice read Scott!! I started using the Seaguar Invisx last year and love it for my jig and texas rig fishing.

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