So Many Bass, So Little Time

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ANY WORK DONE!!! I’ve got a pile of paperwork sitting in the inbox, but there’s so much else I have to do. I’ve got to check those posts I made on and when I get there I’ve got 3 instant messages to answer. Next I’ve got to go to and answer that guy who wanted to know how my new Lowrance is mounted, since he liked the way it looked in the pictures I posted. Oh, I almost forgot, the DVR has Saturday’s episode of last week’s Elite Series event on Bassmaster on it and that Redfish tournament and those Madfin shark guys. But before I do any of that, I’ve got to check my email. There’s no way I’m going to get all that done before lunch.

Ok, I admit it, I’ve got it bad. I’m a Bassaholic. Guilty as charged, your honor, put me away for life.

My wife say’s that I have a one track mind. Ok, she’s said that since we dated in high school. She right, of course. It is always easier to agree with her since she’s going to win the argument anyway, but in this case she has nailed me. I do have a one track mind and it’s an oval course, always coming around to the same point eventually, BASS FISHING!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great time to be a Bassaholic. There are more opportunities to feed your addiction than any other time in history. Back when I was a teenager, and let’s just say I’m no longer that age, the only way you could get any tournament information was to wait for the latest Bassmaster magazine to come out. I attended the 1978 Bassmaster Classic at Ross Barnett and the weigh-in was held in the parking lot. There wasn’t even a boat and tackle show. TV coverage of event was just a Ray Scott dream. Now, we have the internet, magazines, coverage of the Elite Series on Saturday a week after the final weigh-in, Basscast to watch the anglers during the tournament and Satellite TV channels that shows fishing 24-7.

The internet alone has so much to offer a Bassaholic. There are huge online communities of bass fishermen and women, where an angler can get almost instant answers to any fishing, boating, electronic or repair question, not to mention the occasional solution to the world’s problems or the latest fishing joke. These sites have message boards devoted to each brand of bass boat and motor manufacturer, swap and sell forums and general discussion boards. You can lose yourself for hours in a world where everyone is a Bassaholic to one extent or another and post counts rule.

This doesn’t even take into account the fact that every manufacturer in the fishing industry has a website. If you want to see the layout of Basscat’s new Jaguar, just go to and all the specs are right in front of you. Curious about the gear ratio on your new Mercury ProXS or what props are available, your answers are just a few keystrokes away. Need the bait that KVD, Skeet or Ike won with last week, do a quick Google search and there are 15 places you can buy it from right in front of you.

And TV, so many choices, so little space left on the DVR. Got to keep the last 4 years of Bassmasters for my research on lakes. Can’t get rid of that episode of Shaw’s show where they were catching smallies and Strike King Pro Journal has that episode fishing the Ocho that I haven’t watched yet. Oh well, I guess I can always add an external hard drive to store the Madfin Shark guys on. After all, they make us bass fisherman seem normal. At least a bass won’t bite your hand off while you’re trying to measure it.

And the bait buying opportunities abound. It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops, it meant a trip to Springfield. Now on any long road trip, you might see two or three of them in the larger towns along the way. In addition to them, you’ve got Academy, Cabelas and Gander Mountain springing up everywhere. And if you don’t get out that much, other than to the lake, or happen to live out in the country, the online stores will help you keep those credit cards maxed out.

Some may long for a simplier time, when you had to wait on Bassmaster to arrive to find out if Roland Martin, Guido Hibdon, Tommy Martin or Hank Parker (my wife’s favorite bass fisherman of all time) had won the latest Bassmaster tournament. But as for me, your talkative neighborhood Bassaholic, I love the time we’re in right now. Give it to me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, time outs for meals and fishing only. I can always transfer some of the shows on the DVR to DVDs and there’s always room for more tackle. Now, if we can only figure out how to feed it directly into my brain while I sleep……….that’s the day I’m dreaming of.

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