Reflections on a Fishing Career

The decision to fish the Opens is never an easy one. It begins with the dreams of beautiful lakes, giant bass and yes, maybe even fame and fortune. Then come the questions. What will it be like, how will I afford it, what will it be like, will I get my butt kicked by these guys and, most importantly; can I beat these guys? Continue reading

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Early Springtime Wacky Worm for Bass

Early springtime bass fishing can be tough. The bass are lethargic and sometimes it takes a subtle approach to make them bite. One of my favorite techniques for these conditions is fishing a wacky worm. Continue reading

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Competitive Angler Swim Team (CAST)

Ok, so I admitted it on stage at the BASS Open in Muskogee, OK and I’ve certainly gotten plenty of questions about it, so I’ll go ahead and tell the whole story. It’s embarrassing to admit, although it’s probably pretty obvious, I’m not the most graceful guy around. I don’t plan on auditioning for Dancing With the Stars, trying to walk a tightrope or even getting on the roof to repaint the eaves. But the one thing I thought I could manage to do was to stay in the boat throughout an entire fishing day. Well on Day 2 at Muskogee, I was proven wrong on that point. Continue reading

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Shady Spots For Bass

Clear, bluebird sky days can make catching bass difficult. But that bright sun can also create small pockets of shade that create a perfect ambush point for a bass to set up. Continue reading

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Not Just Another Crawdad Imitator

Bass will eat just about anything, from baitfish to baby ducks, crawfish to crickets and just about everything in between. But there’s little doubt that a crawfish is tops on there list. I guess it’s like a tasty snack to them; kind of like me and doughnuts. I see one go by and I’ll grab it up even if I’m not very hungry. Mister Twister’s new crawfish imitator, the Buzz Bug, seems to create the same reaction in bass. Continue reading

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